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1942 Following the US entering the war , the mobilization of war efforts were quick and effective with car makers and other manufacturers changing to production of weapons of war . The war also created a new breed of movies with war themes , and one of the most popular songs of all time "White Christmas" from Bing Crosby first appeared in the movie "Holiday Inn" . The US sentiment towards Japanese following Pearl Harbor showed itself when 120,000 people of Japanese descent were sent TO internment camps. In late 1941 and early 1942 the war in the pacific was not going well with America losing Guam, Hong Kong, Wake, Singapore and the Philippines , but late that year the US started to turn round the war with major offences at Midway and The Coral Sea. And meanwhile the allied forces in Europe invaded North Africa in November.



Following the United States joining the War it truly becomes a World War with most areas of the world effected in some way and choosing sides , There are so many important facts that happened we have only a few facts and leave it to others more knowledgeable than ourselves to provide a more detailed account

  • War Bonds introduced raising $13 billion

  • Women's Coast Guard Auxiliary established

  • Voice of America begins broadcasting

  • Car Makers switch from making cars to making War Materials

  • The United States conducts an air raid on Tokyo during World War II.

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  • The United States leads its first air raid attack on the Japanese main islands during April in World War II. It was known as the Doolittle Raid or Tokyo Raid, and the attack targeted Tokyo and other locations on the island of Honshu. While the attack did not inflict much actual damage on Japan, it was still seen as a victory for the United States. It was a retaliation after the Pearl Harbor attacks and helped to boost morale in the United States. It also proved that Japan was vulnerable to air attacks. The raid was planned and orchestrated by Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle who was later given the Medal of Honor and promoted.

  • The minimum draft age is lowered from 21 to 18.

  • German saboteurs who were part of Operation Pastorius are arrested and sentenced to death by a United States military commission executed on August 8

  • Thirty members of the Duquesne Spy Ring operating in the US are jailed for 300 years

  • The K9 corps begins training dogs for use in warfare

  • American and Filipino defenders surrender to the Japanese and are force marched on the "Bataan Death March"

  • In Allied countries around the world government war efforts encourage the population to help by giving scrap metal as much needed raw materials for guns and tanks.

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  • Beginning in October the United States government increasingly encourages U.S. citizens to donate and gather scrap metals and fabrics for the war effort. These "Scrap Days" are held throughout the country and asked ordinary people to take any scrap materials they could get their hands on to their local scrap merchant. The scrap would then be used to create the raw materials needed to build tanks, guns, and ships that were desperately needed. Children were also encouraged to bring the scrap materials to school as many of the schools and public buildings became local donation centers. In some places, children brought up to 10 pounds of scrap weekly.

  • Congress creates the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps ( WAAC ) and modeled after the British Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) , during the war General Douglas MacArthur called the WACs "my best soldiers", adding that they worked harder, complained less, and were better disciplined than men. Over the next 6 months similar women's units were set up including Navy WAVES, the SPARS of the Coast Guard and the (civil) Women Airforce Service Pilots.

  • US Gas Rationing goes into effect 3 gallons per week

  • The Alaska Highway from Alaska through Canada is completed

  • US Munitions Workers Give Up Labor Day Weekend Holidays to Help With War Effort

  • The Battle of Midway begins on June 4 News Events when Japanese attacked Midway and due to US strategy was a resounding success for US Forces which resulted in the loss of 322 aircraft and 3,500 men from the Japanese Navy.

  • Executive Order 9066 is signed into law which authorized the physical removal of all Japanese Americans into internment camps