My name is Anthony Liotta, the creator and station manager of WLVN Radio. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but because of the military and my present career I have lived in many different states. I am currently in Montana, and this is where the dream of WLVN Radio became a reality. I am married and have a son. My full time job is working for a railroad as a Locomotive Engineer. I am a veteran of the US Navy 2001-2006 and US Army National Guard 2007-2013.

This has been a 2-year journey and finally, WLVN Radio was established March of 2020, in Livingston, MT. Our Mission is to bring you back in time to the 1940s with amazing music and weekly scheduled radio shows such as Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Edgar Bergen, Superman, The Lone Ranger and many more. So get settled into your favorite chair and enjoy the trip back to the 40s! Take care and stay safe.