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All show schedules are on the Schedule link in the menu bar. We are currently in the year 1940. 

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If you missed a scheduled show, no worries. Go to the Radio Show Uploads tab and you will find it there. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the trip back to the greatest generation.



I created WLVN radio so others could enjoy the music and old-time radio that I love. But it does cost money to keep it going with subscriptions to the streaming service and domain name. Please donate so we can keep this a free radio station. Press the link below and it will bring you to the donate page. Thank you!


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Our Shows

This is a small selection of our top-rated shows. Visit the Schedule page to see a full list of shows through the week.


Jack Benny

Sundays 5 pm MST

Burns and Allen

Mondays 5:00 pm MST

Fibber McGee and Molly

Tuesdays 8:30 pm MST

Blush Fox Trio Show

Premier Show Tuesday, Sept. 1

1st Tuesday of the month 3 am & 3 pm MST


Quarantine Radio Theater

Premier Show Wednesday, Sept. 2

1st Wednesday of the Month 3 am & 8 pm MST

Quarantine Radio Theater Facebook

Fred Allen

Wednesdays 6:00 pm MST

Rudy Vallee

Thursdays 7:00 pm MST

The Glenn Miller Show

Saturdays 9:00 pm MST

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